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With the winter season comes roaring fires that warm our homes like nothing else. All of the lovely wood heat, unfortunately, also rries out the air in our homes. One tried and true way to add much needed moisture back into your environment is to add a cast iron steamer with a coordinating trivet to the top of your wood stove or fireplace insert. You just add water and then sit back and enjoy the fire. Over the next several hours, the steamer will act as a humidifier making your home a more comfortable place to be. Adding a touch of potpourri to the steamer's water will scent your home for hours. All of our steamers are from the John Wright Company. Operating in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania since 1880, their products meet the highest quality standards for both casting and enduring finishes. All of our wood stove steamers and coordinating trivets are porcelain coated inside and out to prevent rusting and chipping. Our steamers range from traditional designs to the most whimsical so you can choose whichever is right for your home or for the very special someone. For the train lover, we have a 3 quart cast iron train engine steamer. For the cat lover, our cast iron sleeping cat wood stove steamer. For the mariner, our ship wood stove steamer. For the nature lover, choices abound. Our wood stove steamers feather a fox on the prowl, a bear ambling through the woods as well as acorns and pine cones. There are even more to choose from. Your are bound to find the perfect fit.
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