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The search ends here for antique door knobs, antique cabinet knobs and pulls!

Antique hardware & more…that's what we have and we have lots of it!

We are the first and only resource for antique brass knobs, antique iron knobs, antique drawer pulls and more. Our selection is wide and varied, covering a wide spectrum of reproduction and antique styles and designs. Our stock is representative of many different periods, styles, and designs, so you are sure to find the antique door knobs and antique drawer knobs that will suit your new construction, restoration, reproduction, or refinishing needs.

We've dedicated these pages to the antique door knobs, antique drawer knobs, and antique cabinet knobs and pulls that we sell. We also deal in many other types of antique and reproduction antique hardware, so please be sure to visit our other pages to outfit your entire home.

Our product list includes both the most popular and most unique antique door knobs, in several different materials options. Choose from

  • Brass door knobs
  • Brass cabinet knobs
  • Iron door knobs
  • Antique iron knobs
  • Heavy cast iron door knobs
  • Antique glass door knobs

It is a truly amazing thing to see the difference something as simple (and often taken for granted) as a door knob or set of cabinet pulls can make in the style and appeal of a home (or office). Simply changing out a boring existing fixture for an antique knob or antique drawer pull can serve as a complete door or cabinet face lift!

Antique door knobs and antique cabinet hardware is one of the telltale signs of a truly period-correct home—whether that home is old or a new revival style. The wrong hardware selection creates an incongruous design, while the right antique door or cabinet hardware will act as the final touch of perfection that your space was wanting.

Antique door knobs and antique cabinet knobs and pulls were produced in many beautiful, unique styles. You may be surprised to see the intricacy that has gone into some of these designs; intricacy that was reproduced in the antique door knobs and pulls we offer here. Enjoy your time looking through our online product catalog and choosing the antique hardware that will add that beautiful bit of history to your home; each item has a convenient cart button that you can use to place your order.

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